Traveling the Globe, to Discover the Beauties that lay Deep in the Earth.

Douglas Brandow began his career as a gem cutter and jewelry designer in 1974 while working for a prominent lapidary in New York. Following graduation with a degree in “Archaeology” in 1978 from Norwich University, he finished his training through GIA or Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. Douglas began his “mining adventures” to the origins for the finest gem rough in the world, deep into the jungles of Brazil, and the “bush” of West Africa. After learning the mining trade by living part time in central Brazil, his career continued to evolve into the ownership of several investment gem mines.


Lately he has mined alluvial gold along the Pra River in Ghana and high grade gem material from central Nigeria. This first hand knowledge contributes today to his discernment of the quality gem rough he continues to collect for faceting. Douglas has studied with premier gold designers in Brazil and Germany, lending valued trade experience for those designing concepts found in his showcase today.

His designs are completely original because they evolve from the raw form specimen for cutting, to the completed uniqueness in each hand sculpted setting. Every piece of jewelry produced by Doug is one of a kind, and can never be replicated. This adds to the awe and beauty each piece holds, as one piece can never be made the same twice. This characteristic of Doug’s hand crafted works of art, makes each piece fit with the diversity of every person. Doug continues to showcase his work at select Fine Art Shows throughout the United States.

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